Policy Reports

2019 (with Alexander De Juan): “Quantitative Assessment of Risk and Resilience Factors in the G5 Sahel Zone.” Research Report for the World Bank.

2017 (with Aleander De Juan, Miquel Pellicer and Eva Wegner): “Evaluation of the Peace Fund (Fonds pour la Consolidation de la Paix, FCP) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).” Impact Evaluation for the KfW German Development Bank. Internal Report.

2015: “From Civil War to Social Contract. Report on Qualitative Research in Burundi.” Internal Research Report for the KfW German Development Bank. Internal Report.

2014: “Country Report South Sudan.” Bertelsmann Transformation Index.

2014 (with Thea Gutschke): “South Sudans Newest War. When Two Old Men Divide A NationGIGA Focus International Edition.

2013: “Religion and Development in South Sudan: Conflict Factor or Peace Resource?” Internal Research Paper for the German Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation.

2011: “Südsudan. Vom Traum in die Realität.” GIGA Focus Afrika.